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Charlie Colin (founding member of San Francisco’s TRAIN) and Tom
Luce (founder of San Francisco’s LUCE) have joined forces to form the
band, Painbirds. Grammy winner Charlie has collaborated with Bay
Area music sensation Tom Luce throughout the years, culminating in
the recent formation of Painbirds. The band is currently in the studio
recording their full length debut album. Several tracks are available for
download on their website, and their self titled EP will be available later
this month.
Charlie Colin (Guitar, Bass, and Vocals) is best known as one of the
original members of the band Train. He received a Grammy Award for
Best Rock Song of the Year, 2001, for “Drops of Jupiter.” He was the
musical force behind the song, “Calling All Angels,” which received two
Grammy nominations. He also co-wrote the hit song, “I’m About to
Come Alive,” popularized by country singer David Nail. His musical
compositions can also be heard in various films. As a visual artist,
Charlie is busy working on album art to accompany upcoming Painbirds
Tom Luce (Vocals and Guitar) – Luce’s self titled album received
tremendous acclaim in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, winning
the California Music Award for Outstanding Debut. It was promoted heavily
on the San Francisco radio station KFOG FM.  The Top 40 hit “Good Day”
was heard in the movies 13 Going on 30 and How to Lose a Guy in 10
Days, and was featured in the hit TV shows The O.C. and Alias. Luce’s
more recent “Buy A Dog” was the most played song on stations spanning
from San Francisco to Nashville.