About Us


We are Gary and Robynn Myers, starting our journey together in 2006. Our love of music has taken us to many live concerts, and there is never a day that we do not have music playing in our home, work, cars, on the boat…where ever! Our son was born in 2008, who has become quite the music lover and drummer himself! We moved to Morgan Hill in 2010 and bought our first home together, named Myers Manor, which has the ideal backyard for a private concert. Having attended several benefit concerts in the area, we kept saying “we should do one of these, our back yard is a perfect venue!” Well…MMMF was born in 2013 with a challenge from Brendan James, an artist and friend that was performing at one of the annual backyard benefit concerts we were attending.  With his encouragement and the support of many friends we jumped at the opportunity to share our love of music with others.

 Picking the beneficiary of our benefit was easy, as Robynn’s mom, Lynn Ridley, had been diagnosed with Dementia/Alzheimer’s in 2006.  This dreadful disease has slowly stolen the spirit of our Mother, but it will never steal the memories we have of a beautiful, outgoing, spry and witty woman that never shied away from fun. She was always the life of the party!   Having always been there for others, as well as involved in charitable and volunteer work herself, Lynn would be honored that we hold this event as a way of giving back to an organization that our family has learned a great deal from, the Alzheimer’s Association (ALZ).  As a result of our last three events we have raised and donated over $40,000 to ALZ!!  Thanks to all that have supported the cause!!