Terms and Conditions

  1. MMMF#4 is a private event, attendance by invitation, or by contacting the organizers directly.
  2. No refunds on tickets purchased.
  3. Please bring a printed copy of your PayPal receipt the day of the event.
  4. Ticket purchaser / holder voluntarily assumes all personal injury risk / property loss arising during the event.
  5. Please be respectful of the artists while they are performing.  Ambient noise can noticeably affect the concentration of the performers.  If you would like to talk during the performance please use front driveway.
  6. Admission includes all you can eat taco’s from Arteaga’s Taco’s.
  7. Low height beach chairs only, high backed chairs will be moved to the rear of the venue.
  8. No smoking or drugs permitted on the event premises.  Smoking at the street side only.
  9. Bring ALL of your own beverages, snacks, wine/beer opener, etc., only extra waters will be provided.
  10. House is reserved for musicians only, no access permitted for attendee’s.
  11. All guests to use restrooms provided in front yard.
  12. Please be respectful of our neighbors, don’t block driveways.
  13. Pack out what you pack in.   We ask that you kindly pack out your bottles, cans and anything else that you bring into the event.
  14. Please car pool if possible as to leave a smaller carbon footprint for the day.